Louis Reginato, P.Eng.

Senior Advisor, Reviewer

Louis is one of the company’s founding Project Principals. He joined the C3 Group in 2004 to expand C3’s engineering and design services to provide a full range of building engineering services, as Pretium Engineering.

A graduate of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (B.Tech. 1980) and the University of Waterloo (B.A.Sc. 1989), he has been licensed as a Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario since 1993. 

Louis retired in 2021 but remains a part of the Pretium family as a Senior Advisor and Reviewer. He has a detailed familiarity of the OBC, in-situ and laboratory testing of building envelope components and assemblies, condominium related issues (including conversions), and specialization in air leakage and vapour diffusion analyses. Lou remains an excellent resource of knoweldge, as well as a point of contat for our clients.

Contact Lou at the Waterloo Office lou.reginato@pretiumeng.com