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May 5, 2020 - Pretium News

COVID-19 - Preparing your Building for Infectious Disease Control

During the era of COVID-19, how do you prepare your building for infectious disease control?

1. VENTILATION IMPROVEMENT (Air Filtration, Cross-contamination, Pressurization, Economizers & Outdoor Air Control)


3. UVGI - Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (AHU Coils, Air Cleaning Devices)

4. BUILDING AUTOMATION SYSTEM UPGRADE (Remote Access, Touchless Sensors, Disable DCV & Operable Windows Interlock with AC)

5. HVAC STRATEGY FOR PROTECTED SPACES (HVAC Separate Systems, Portable Equipment)

6. AIR PURIFICATION (High Efficiency Media-Filters)

7. PLUMBING (Touchless Fixtures, Trap Inspections, Legionella Prevention)

8. BUILDING ENVELOPE (Air Seal Building Enclosure Openings to Optimize Mechanical System Operation)

9. HIGH TOUCH SURFACE TREATMENT (Application of Antimicrobials to Frequently Exposed Surfaces)

10. TOUCHLESS ENTRY, EXIT, AND INTERNAL BARRIER / SEPARATION DESIGN (Minimize Opportunity for Contact and Reduce Proximity)

Contact us today to schedule an assessment of your building. We will provide a report with recommendations and associated opinions of cost for work that can help reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission by contact or environment.