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Balcony Restoration Program

Residential Building
Guelph, Ontario

Pretium Anderson was retained by the Board of Directors to provide consulting services related to a balcony repair/replacement program at this building. The building was constructed circa 1975. This particular building featured a segmental, hollow core, precast concrete block balcony system.

The site was visited and a review performed. The intent of the review was to determine as-built details so that suitable specifications could be prepared. Pretium Anderson ensured the specification address as many existing conditions as possible. This ensures the repairs are properly executed, and the bidding Contractor is aware of the expected level of detail expected during the repair work. 
Specifications were prepared addressing all facets of the proposed repair work, including drawings, materials and project details, and procedures for the execution of the scope of work. These details were prepared based on information collected during the site review.

Pretium Anderson worked with the Board and Property manager to ensure a fair and thorough tender is completed. This work included: pre-qualification of Contractors, attendance at site meetings to allow Contractor to familiarize themselves with the repair work, and a preparation of a written summary/analysis of all bids received and recommendations for contract award.

Pretium Anderson provided all the necessary engineering services required to confirm that the work completed complies with project specifications and good construction practices.

The balcony slabs and guards were refinished and waterproofed to address life safety issues and improve building aesthetics. The repair program was completed to the full satisfaction of the Board and Property Manager. This project was completed in three (3) phases and was completed on time and within budget.

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