LEED Credit Requirements


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We assist design teams targeting credits in the following categories.


LEED Durable Building

Development of a building Durability Plan in accordance with the principles in CSA S478-95 (R2007) for the construction and pre-occupancy phases of the building. The plan is reviewed and updated throughout the course of the project to address any changes. The scope of this also includes review of construction details, hygrothermal analysis of wall assemblies, mock-up review, and whole building infrared thermography.


LEED Air Leakage Testing for EQp2

The aim of this credit is to control migration of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) in buildings.


For those buildings falling under Option 2, Case 2 we are able to demonstrate acceptable sealing of residential units by a blower door test conducted in accordance with ANSI/ASTM-E779-03, Standard Test Method for Determining Air Leakage Rate by Fan Pressurization. Projects outside the U.S. may use a local equivalent to ANSI/ASTM-E779-03, Standard Test Method for Determining Air Leakage Rate By Fan Pressurization. [Europe ACP: Blower Door]


We further comply with the requirements of the credit by using the progressive sampling methodology defined in Chapter 4 (Compliance Through Quality Construction) of the Residential Manual for Compliance with California’s 2001 Energy Efficiency Standards.


LEED Building Enclosure Commissioning

Please see our section on Building Enclosure Commissioning for further details on this service offering.


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